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Ho finito la teiera oer il mio primo RR internazionale organizzato sul forum EMS...Would you like some tea? My teapot is finally finished...



Devo confessare che, siccome sono stata l'ultima a ricamare su questa tela non ho potuto resistere a fare una foto del RR completo ma non vorrei farla vedere fino a quando June non la riceverà per non sciuparle la sorpresa...I must confess I couldn't help taking a picture of the whole RR as I was the last one to stitch on it....however I can't show the picture because I want to wait for the RR to reach June...I want to surprise her....

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June 18/01/2006 08:34

Thanks, Laura, for snapping a photo of my RR. I just can't wait for it to come back to me. Seeing charts and photos of these teapots will be so different from seeing the actual stitched piece.Can you imagine this RR has travelled to five countries and is coming back to Malaysia! This is definitely an heirloom to cherish.Thank you for being one of my partners and making a success of it, Laura.